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Japan Market Partner is a Voxy Certified Channel Partner in Japan. As such, we are highly trained in Voxy’s methodology, technology, and best practices around implementation and support, allowing us to provide high quality services that ensure our customers can successfully reach their English language training goals.

Japan Market Partner has selected Voxy as our exclusive digital English provider based on their commitment to creating high-quality, impactful learner experiences that drive engagement and measurable proficiency gains.

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Leading companies across the globe choose Voxy 
for four key benefits to their organizations.



Voxy’s unique approach harnesses the most effective ways adults learn, using renowned, task-based content from the real world that is added daily.


Voxy’s comprehensive content catalog provides learners with the soft and technical skills they need to succeed personally and professionally, while also learning English.
It’s like 2 for 1.



Voxy’s unique approach harnesses the most effective ways adults learn, using renowned, task-based content from the real world that is added daily.


Voxy’s comprehensive content catalog provides learners with the soft and technical skills they need to succeed personally and professionally, while also learning English. It’s like 2 for 1.



The Voxy platform allows for quickscalable implementation, while our Customer and Learner Support team designs the perfect language program to foster your organization’s growth.


The Voxy Command Center and our research-backed assessments (Voxy Proficiency Assessment®) give you full visibility into the data you need to drive decisions, increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

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The Voxy Solution

Voxy Gives You the Power to
Drive Higher English Proficiency, Faster.

From implementing your English language program to scaling it to thousands of employees across the globe, our platform gives you the tools to advance careers and performance.

Voxy’s live, online classes—led by certified, native English-speaking instructors—provide real, interactive conversations in English with colleagues and peers and instructive feedback.

Corporate language training works best when it’s specific and relevant to the learner’s job. Turn internal corporate materials into custom units, lessons, and activities to support your team.

The Voxy Proficiency Assessment® gives you an objective and reliable online test to benchmark your learners’ English proficiency and track improvement over time.

Voxy easily plugs into your company’s existing Learning Portal or Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate onboarding, user management, and communication.

Comprehensive and user-friendly dashboards help you visualize data, observe trends, and develop insight into how your learners are improving with Voxy.

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Language Training Program

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