Client Stories: Successful Transitions to Online Learning

Client Stories: Successful Transitions to Online Learning

The scramble to transition in-person, face-to-face only instruction to curriculum that is online or blended came swift and without warning. For administrators of programs with English as a Second Language (ESL) students, there is intense pressure to set up distance learning courses fast while also ensuring that they meet the unique needs of language learners. This is why we are highlighting a few Voxy organizations which have successfully transitioned to online and blended programs.

The upheaval of our current raging global pandemic has novice and experienced ESL program administrators voicing the same concerns.“How are we going to get this to work? and how do we set up classes without an interruption in learning for our students?” Consider Queens Public Library for example, one of the largest library institutions serving the most ethnically diverse borough in New York City.

“We had 21 virtual classes that needed to start in two weeks, with three of them catering to the ESOL WIOA population, so we turned to Voxy for help getting set up online fast.They offer courses that are career-aligned, allow for teachers to track student progress through the Command Center, and give access to live group lessons. Our students rave that Voxy is fun for studying and learning English, and at the end of each semester they ask, ‘Can we use Voxy again next term?’ I would definitely recommend Voxy to other interested programs!”- says Sarah Siddiq, Interim Blended Learning Coordinator, Queens Public Library

Compelling success stories like these are why we continue to help organizations implement Voxy. We invite you to read about this and the other organizations which have made successful transitions to online learning.

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