About Us

If you are concerned about the cost and hassle of breaking into the Japanese market or have had little to no success marketing your English only product in Japan then let us help you contribute an additional 30% to your bottom line by localizing and marketing your product.

Localization is more than just translating your product. Our process takes into account the complex characteristics of Japanese culture and society to adapt and promote your product for the local market.

Give us a shout and we’ll be happy to offer a complimentary assessment of your product potential along with a localization package. We’re looking forward to hearing from you !

Corporate Profile

Trade Name Kabushiki Gaisha Japan Market Partner 


Established July 1, 2011 


Director James Conway 


Mission Help our clients profit from selling their products in Japan.
Help our clients to create their ideal lifestyle
Business Focus Marketing foreign digital, software and educational products to the Japanese market
Running and Franchising of Education Businesses
Bank Account MUFG Nakamozu Branch 

〒591-8023 大阪府堺市北区中百舌鳥町3−428−2