To successfully sell your product in Japan it is important to create a culturally attractive and compelling product with Japan specific sales and marketing strategies.

We struggled for several years to sell our products in Japan before turning to Japan Market Partner. With their help we were able to change our product and marketing slightly to make it much more attractive to the Japanese market. We’re happy to say that the Japanese market grew to contribute 20% of our gross revenue by year two!

Marko and Linda… educational authors

Japan market partner can help you to break into the Japanese market with services such as:

  • Market analysis and testing
  • Japan specific sales and marketing process development
  • Web and social media strategy development
  • Affiliate, partnership  and white label product distributorship options available
  • Complete turn key localization, sales and fufillment and service options available

Japan Market Partner has been instrumental in helping us to localize and sell our cloud based software service in Japan. We opted for their turn key service component so other than the yearly trip to Osaka and Tokyo for okonomiyaki and sushi its a completely hands off profit center for us…

Jeff….  scheduling software programmer and marketer

If you would like us to help you break into the world’s second largest market and improve your bottom line by 30 percent or more give us a shout for a free consultation and localization info package.

We are looking forward to hearing from you….!

Japan Market Partner