Japan Market Partner

The rain has finally stopped here in Osaka and we’re looking forward to Plum Blossom and Cherry Blossom season.

Its also a great time for product launches as people start to get out of the house a bit more and have recovered financially from the New Years holidays. The nice weather is a definite spark for sales of all kinds.

We are actively looked to help companies or self-employed individuals with great products that could be a good fit for Japan.

If you have a digital, software or education product that you think would do well here give us a shout. We can act as affiliates, distributors or partners depending on the product.

Generally we look for similar products already on sale here to see if there is a ready market. It can be tough and expensive to create a new market, so being the lone wolf isn’t always an advantage. Often a more comprehensive, updated or unique twist on an established business can offer a better launch platform.

Its best to reach us by email given the time difference for most countries. Looking forward to hearing from you!




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